We are an online media company that operates various niche publications, covering subjects including: travel, education, business, real estate, hospitality, news, current affairs among others and we’re looking for student writers.

What You’ll Do:

As an intern, you will submit one completed article of 500 words and three article pitches for the next week to our editorial team, who will then edit the work, provide writing critique and feedback, and then publish it on one of our websites. You are free to choose the topic, but creative, trendy and thorough research is expected.

What You’ll Get:

As an intern, our editorial team will provide critique and feedback in order to help improve your skills as a writer. In addition, writers will accrue dozens of bylines, familiarize themselves with the technology and methodology of the digital publishing industry, and most importantly, get to write about what they want.

Internship Details:

As an intern, you will complete at least three months of work experience with our team and expect to work between 2-4 hours per week. The internship is remote, so you can work from anywhere but you are expected to be a student at an English-speaking school or university. To apply, simply send in two non-fiction sample pieces on any of the subjects detailed above.

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