The position listed below is not with RapidHireUSA but with Insta

RapidHireUSA is a private organization that works in collaboration with multiple agencies to promote emerging careers.

Our goal is to connect you with supportive resources to supplement your skills in order to attain your dream career.

PT – Entry Level Data Entry

Companies are looking for consumer opinions from people like you!

We directly connect you with companies that pay cash for sharing your opinions.

After you join and complete your member profile,

we use the information to target various demographic groups according to criteria established by our clients.

There is no guarantee as to how many surveys you may receive or participate.

That is based on your personal profile, what our clients are looking for,

and if you fit into any open quota group. There is no real average as to how many invites most people receive.

The amount of invitations varies, but you may receive more based on your profile.