Job Details:-
The company will give you 15 to 25 Cases to solve. For 15 Cases, you will be getting 12k. If you solve more than that, it will be counted as incentives.
The company will provide Travel Rembruishment & Accommodation from the second months.
Note:- You have to submit the bill for accommodation & travelling expenses of the first month to the company and this amount will be rembruished with second months basic salary.

Services which we delivered in India are as follows: –

1. Employee Background Verification

2. Employment Verification

3. Certificate Verification

4. Documents Verification

5. Life Insurance Claim Investigation

6. Health Insurance Claim Investigation

7. Motor Insurance (MACT, Theft & OD) Claim Investigation

8. Theft Insurance Claim Investigation

9. Documents Procurement Services

10. Insurance Premium Renewal Follow-up

11. Cashless / Spot Investigation

12. Insurance Surveillance Services

13. Pre & Post Insurance Issuance Profile Check

14. Personal Accidental Insurance Claim Investigation

15. Workman Compensation Insurance Claim Investigation
16. Motor (PA) Insurance Claim Investigation

17. Skip Tracing Services

18. Asset Tracing Services

19. Banking Customer Background Verification

20. Pre & Post Loan Inspection Services

21. Insurance Fraud Investigation

22. Tenant Background Screening

23. Maid Background Check Services

24. Driver Background Check Services

25. Education (Self) Verification Services

26. Cattle Insurance Claim Investigation