Customer Support for a Start-up for German, Swedish or French speakers.

Have you heard of Wish? :

Wish is one of the leading e-commerce companies in the world, set up by ex-google and yahoo engineers. Their idea was to create a personalized shopping mall – the app has millions of products but it only suggests the ones it thinks you’d be interested in. All you have to do is click on the item and it comes right to your door. It also offers insanely competitive prices – some products are even free, you just need to pay for delivery. That’s why it’s so popular and is one of the fastest-growing companies in the world.

Why work here?
• Most exciting start-up in Dublin for a long time
• One of the fastest growing companies in the world at the moment.
• One of the leading Ecommerce Companies in North America and now creating their European headquarters in Dublin as they expand to the EU market, just like Microsoft, Google, Air BnB and Apple did.
• Great chance to get in there early before it expands so you can be part of the original team.
• The salary is very competitive and if the company expands as it is expected to, you have an excellent chance to get a promotion and earn a lot of money. Imagine what the people who were part of the initial Google team in Dublin are doing now…
• Similar company culture to Google –The offices are brand new and located in the city centre – very much a start-up office but they hope to emulate the same culture as their San Francisco office with great benefits and facilities and a cool, funky office with a games room..
• They are looking for interesting Google-type candidates. You will be in an environment with cool, adventurous, bright people, your opinions will be valued and you can play a key part in the company’s growth and success
• It’s too late to join google or facebook – you will simply be a small part of a massive machine and you can make little impact in the company. Now is your chance to join a company where your voice will be heard, you will play a key role in the success of the company
• The job is not your traditional customer service job – you will be designing the customer experience – making suggestions for improvement based on your understanding of the market. There will also be cross-functional collaboration between other teams like fraud, content management, business development, platform and product specialists.
• Flexible about start-time and finish – you need to be the type of person that can adapt to demand, get your work done and not require constant supervision.

Facts about Wish:
• 5th most downloaded app in August of this year – behind Facebook, Whatsap and Instagram!
• They sell 2.4 million items a day
• They have 150 million products available on the app.
• Set up by former Google and yahoo employees in 2011
• They went from 0 earnings in 2013 to over $4 billion in 2016  — that is Uber-esque growth
• Sponsor the Lakers and they sponsored Conor McGregor’s fight against Mayweather

Would that be a company you would like to work for? Apply now and get the chance to be among the first hires here in Dublin.