Purpose of Position To enable and / or assist individuals to remain in the community, to be supported and maintained safely in their own homes and thereby enhance the quality of life encouraging your service user’s individuality and independence. Helping your service users to maintain relationships with neighbours, the neighbourhood and familiar activities and surroundings, providing social contact, especially for service users who live alone. Assisting other care workers and professionals to provide care for your service user being the face of ‘care in the community’ and acting as our representative. Principle Responsibility To visit nominated service users, at times directed by the Care Coordinators and management. To be particularly vigilant for signs of distress or anxiety in Service Users; any deterioration in physical and / or mental health, or safety of the environment, and to report these as a matter of urgency to your manager or coordinator in her absence. To carry out all tasks in a way that demonstrates respect for the privacy, dignity and value of all users, irrespective of severity or disability or personal circumstances. To summon appropriate assistance in an emergency. All actions should sustain, support and enhance the independence of Service Users, as specified in their care plan.